Menagerie by Giuliano Bekor

“Giuliano Bekor creates images that evoke drama and sensuality. Digging deep into his subject to unearth their inherent strengths and vulnerabilities, he always stays true to his unique vision. Inspired by the circus of sexuality, Menagerie draws on Hollywood glamour and exotic beauty to demonstrate an awakening of hidden “Working with some of the hottest male models, Giuliano executed artistic eroticism in every frame captured in his Menagerie series. From ballet slippers, bounded corsets, and some hair-raising crawlers, he created a medley of masculinity and femininity sure to bring out his viewers deepest desires.”passion.”

20120520-111058 a.m..jpg

20120520-111106 a.m..jpg

20120520-111114 a.m..jpg

20120520-111122 a.m..jpg

20120520-111129 a.m..jpg

20120520-111136 a.m..jpg

20120520-111143 a.m..jpg

20120520-111152 a.m..jpg

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