James Devine by Sean P. Watters

What is it about summer time? Or, what feels like summer time? It brings the children out to shoot and pose it seems. Lord knows that I have photo taking addiction. And, last night’s drive-by was no different. And, with a name like James Devine to boot. Come on?!  How fabulous is that last name when you see this boy’s face and body? Hailing from the city of brotherly love, James visited me by way of Colby Models (Thanks Ryan). One portrait turned into a night of shooting (now, I know why that I  am behind on editing and sleep depraved).  More to follow on Mr. Devine for sure. But, for now, enjoy the two shots above. Happy Hump Day Trannies.

And, thanks for a crazy night of shooting James. Taken from Sean P. Watters.

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