Cold Method “Please to meet you” Spring/Summer 2013

Designing a new collection is a lot like making music: an organic process in which the whole is ultimately greater than the sum of its parts. This adage is clearly reflected in the documentary Sympathy for the Devil from 1968, in which the Rolling Stones work on the track of the same name. This film served as the foundation for the 2013 Spring/Summer Collection from men’s fashion brand Cold Method. The collection draws its inspiration from that turbulent time period and the flamboyant personality of frontman Mick Jagger. By bringing together apparent contrasts, head designer Dieter de Cock has created a refreshing and distinctive look, wardrobe classics with an edge for modern dandies.


London calling

From rough drafts to a monumental song… In the documentary Sympathy for the Devil from 1968, Director Jean-Luc Godard follows the Rolling Stones as they record the song of the same name. The 2013 Spring/Summer collection from Cold Method is loosely inspired by this film classic and pays tribute to 60s London and Mick Jagger’s eccentric style. Contrasts abound, but with a primary focus on the combination of dressed and casual – the typical signature of Cold Method. The somewhat conservative style of Saville Row meets the free hippie spirit. Masculine and feminine elements go hand in hand and subtle, subdued shades alternate with strong pop colours.


So fresh, so clean

The collection is made up of basic pieces that together form a characteristic silhouette. Layering and a combination of materials, colours and prints result in a clean, fresh look. The shirts have a wider, nonchalant fit and longer back, hinting ever so slightly at the djellaba shirt. Cold Method also makes reference to the classic dress shirt, made of bleached denim. The T-shirts feature handmade psychedelic prints and exude rock-‘n’-roll. The chinos are made of traditional suit fabrics, but while maintaining a casual look & feel. The reversible bomber jacket is double-sided, thanks to a combination of cotton and nylon, the one respectable and formal, the other sporty and relaxed. Eye-catchers in the collection are the suits – in denim look – with a mini pied-de-poule pattern or in summery cotton. The suit jackets feature the new bronze-coloured Cold Method logo pin with flower. Blue plays the leading role in the colour palette, appearing in a variety of shades, including indigo, marine and baby blue. The bright, energetic colour accents in deep red, mint green and lemon yellow are inspired by the work of Andy Warhol, who made a number of portraits of Mick Jagger during this time period.

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