Los Vladimirovich 난 바쁜, 너무 바빠 (Im busy, too busy) Spring/Summer 2013

난 바쁜, 너무 바빠 (Im busy, too busy) is the Los Vladimirovich new collection for Spring/Summer 2013 with Yuri Pleskun. (I’m Busy) is a collection, that reflects his own name, basic and casual garments easy to wear but with discrete details, created for the life of modern man. Composed mostly of jackets, the collection has the purpose of being used without thinking much, pieces that work and function into any man’s wardrobe. Basic pieces with a twist, to make a difference. Asian-inspired traditional uniforms (Korea), reflected in folds, as well as plank and tucks . The colors of the collection reflect the 4 seasons , the concept come from asian food , that should have one color that represent any 4 season into the food , so we applicate this concept into our collection, because it doesn’t matter if is spring or summer , we have days like we lived in winter or autumn.


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