He is of Lithuanian and Vietnamese heritage.
This 19 year old and 6’2″ model is signed one of the best agencies in NYC, Re:Quest Model Management and Modilinos Agency in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Tuen Simonas Pham is here Fashionably Male thanks to Tobin Alexander Creative & Marketing which is the one who’s marketing and branding the best model’s career  and he gave us this interview to make Tuen’s article.
First of all its a pleasure to have you with us Tuen and would you tell us a little bit background of yourself.
> I am very friendly and communicative person. Try to do everything what i started till the end.
 How did you get discovered?
> I went to a casting with my friend and mother agency noticed me.
What do you have to sacrifice to become a model?
> Fast food, fat food and sweets.
> A stereotype of a “male model” is that they’re stupid, what’s your point of view about this?
> That is not true. I go to college and i study law before modelling now I  took 1 year breake and then go back to it.
What’s the worst part of being a male model.
> Well, I don’t like when it is fashion week and models have to be skinny, I hate that part.
 What’s your opinion about designer’s obsession with skinny models?
> It’s not normal… male model have to look like male not a female.
Do you prefer runway or shoot?
> Shoot.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done on set?
> Probably posing nude. lol
 Since you’re in a competitive industry, how do you handle rejection? what’s the worst comment you’ve ever had from the clients?
> I just take deep breath and thats it. My worst comments is: do you do rings? are you swimmer? 
 What’s your definition of beauty?
> Male have to be muscle and manly.
What is your personal style?
>Casual: jeans, shirts, converse sneakers or nike.
How do you kill time during the shoots or the shows?
>Just listen to music or eat.
His works speaks for itself, he’s been working with photographers as B. Charles Johnson and Marco Torres, he’s been posing for Vogue Hommes Japan and SSENSE Store among others, and he was runway in NYFW SS 2013.
Thanks to Tuen to take the time to answer this little quiz, now we all know about who is this guy and how he could handle his marvelous job.
Photography – Arkan Zakharov, Duckie Brown Campaign, B. Charles Johnson And Michael Brus.
Xtra special thanks:
TOBIN ALEXANDER Creative/Marketing/ProductioN
Branding: creating lifestyle products for individuals
(celeb, sports/athlete, corporate identity)..
such as cologne line, clothing, accessories and
other product that can be related to the clients individuality.
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