Manhattan Psycho par Matthew Brookes

Ready, Willing & Modern–Embracing a modern and almost futuristic attitude, models Arthur Gosse and John Todd star in a spread published in Numéro Homme’s latest issue. Pairing essential and minimal looks with oversized and sculpted suggestions, the models are styled by Serge Girardi, while photographer Matthew Brookes provides beautiful black & white portraits, focusing on a modern sense of style. / Hair by Terry Saxon. Makeup by Hugo Villard.

20121007-024825 p.m..jpg

20121007-024834 p.m..jpg

20121007-024837 p.m..jpg

20121007-024830 p.m..jpg

20121007-024842 p.m..jpg

20121007-024847 p.m..jpg

20121007-024859 p.m..jpg

20121007-024911 p.m..jpg

20121007-024915 p.m..jpg

20121007-024919 p.m..jpg

20121007-024923 p.m..jpg

20121007-024929 p.m..jpg

20121007-024933 p.m..jpg

20121007-024937 p.m..jpg

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