Time After Time

Alex Lundqvist, Brad Kroenig, Clément Chabernaud, David Agbodji, Mathias Lauridsen, Matthew Terry, RJ Rogenski, Sean O’Pry, Simon Nessman, Shaun Dewet and Tyson Ballou, shot by Sharif Hamza and styled by Tom Van Dorpe with pieces from Dior, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and more, for the Winter 2012 issue of VMAN magazine.

20121015-091729 p.m..jpg

20121015-091733 p.m..jpg

20121015-091725 p.m..jpg

20121015-091737 p.m..jpg

20121015-091741 p.m..jpg

20121015-091745 p.m..jpg

20121015-091749 p.m..jpg

20121015-091753 p.m..jpg

20121015-091757 p.m..jpg

20121015-091801 p.m..jpg

20121015-091805 p.m..jpg

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