Highland Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook

The Highland Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a true representation of brand ideals related to the outdoors and survival. Starting with textiles, this season features Scottish mohair tweeds, nappy wools and tribal printed jersey’s, which all
reflect the concept of the function of clothing as a protective barrier from the elements.

The concept of clothing as a ‘barrier’ was brought to light by the installation, titled “I like America and American Likes Me;” it featured the artist, Joseph Beuys, wrapped in felt and confined in a room with a live coyote for several days. The
feelings of vulnerability we experience when out in nature in the wild are quelled when we wrap up in cozy jackets and crawl into our tents – in the artists’ case, being wrapped in the felt.

These accepted notions of feeling protected through fabric ‘barriers’ are what have influenced the current collection. In conjunction with thoughtful fabric selection, the color palette of the season – deep indigo, black and grey – also helps to imbue the connection between nature, survival and protection that is present in this collection.

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