Born in Lima Peru, this beautiful lad is rising up in great and successful steps, and he has an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Fashionably Male, and he shares exclusively with us his brand new campaign with Valentino and his new editorial with August Man Magazine. He’s Atilio La Madrid.

Fashionably Male: It is a great pleasure to have a guy from Lima recognized, and has been climbing large steps, so fast that he has worked with recognized photographers, his most recent work is the 2013 campaign for Valentino. His name is easy to remember too Atilio La Madrid, please thank you for choose Fashionably Male to display your latest work …Valentino-1215h

Atilio La Madrid: Hello, thanks to you, I’m very happy with the results of my effort, it was not easy but well nobody said that it would be, I think that in life you lose when you stop trying and it is something that I will never stop doing, we create are own barriers so therefore they don’t exist, limits do not exist, we all have enough power to achieve anything that we want we just have to believe and dedicate are self to it, dedication is the key to success.


FM: Tell us about your new editorial …

ALM: This editorial was really interesting, the styling was amazing, the team was very professional and everything was in place, we finished fast and the results were excellent!

Cruel Intentions for August Man Magazine

FM: What do you prefer runway or editorials?

ALM: Well, infact, they are two completely different arts but if I were to choose I will choose Editorials, because I think that a photo can capture different energies and feelings.

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Cruel Intentions: August Man Magazine2

FM: What is the hardest thing that a model has to do in his career, diet, a nude, or live hours in the gym?

ALM: Well the sacrifices you make, are to leave your friends and family, to forget having a normal life, the friends you make will always be different becouse of the continous traveling, diet and the gym, well sonner or later they become part of your daily routine.

atilio2 010

FM: How would the stereotype of a male model, you think are notoriously shallow and self-centered?

ALM: Well, in my personal experience I have known many models from top models to New faces and well the truth is some young guys get there ego really high and get very excited but others are very humble and fame does not affect them they stay true to them selfs and those are the ones that endure in this businnes.

atilio2 007

FM: How did you prepare for this editorial, August Man is an international Magazine, what was your experience?

ALM: I have a daily routine that helps me be prepared for each shooting and each job, I am very constant with my trainning and with my diet its my job so I have to always look good.

atilio2 006

FM: What is your everyday outfit?

ALM: Well I am very simple: jeans (good cut) a t-shirt and comfortable walking sneakers.

atilio2 004

FM: What’s your favorite menswear?

ALM: Actually I don’t have but if I would have to go for one I would go for Dolce & Gabanna.

atilio2 003

I was born in Lima, Peru. … I take my work seriously. I’m very focused in what I do and always bring a positive attitude to every photo shoot

atilioFM: Atilio, Fashionably Male is delighted to present this exclusive editorial, sure many will enjoy, you did a great job, and your work is very well known, so you’re still on the right track, any last words for our readers …

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ALM: Well, I am very grateful for this interview and I hope you all guys enjoy it!!!


Valentino Campaign Ad 2013

Models: Atilio La Madrid and Alisa Nedogovorova

Photo: Brian Fang.


Cruel Intentions

Photo: Vincent Paul Young/Studio Verve

Styled: Yee Teng Make Up: Yen Yap using Clinique

Models: Atilio La Madrid

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