Philip Muscato by Justin Violini

philip musctao by justin violiniphilip muscato by justin violini2

Philip Muscato by Photographer Justin Violini Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-01 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-02 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-03 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-04 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-05 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-06 Philip-Muscato-by-Photographer-Justin-Violini-07

Philip Muscato (Independent Milan/Re:Quest), The Las Vegas Strip – December 2012 by talented photographer and videographer Justin Violini.

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