J. W. Anderson Fall/Winter 2013

20130109-085958 p.m..jpg

20130109-090003 p.m..jpg

20130109-090008 p.m..jpg

20130109-090012 p.m..jpg

20130109-090016 p.m..jpg

20130109-090020 p.m..jpg

20130109-090024 p.m..jpg

20130109-090029 p.m..jpg

20130109-090033 p.m..jpg

20130109-090037 p.m..jpg

20130109-090041 p.m..jpg

20130109-090045 p.m..jpg

20130109-090049 p.m..jpg

20130109-090053 p.m..jpg

20130109-090057 p.m..jpg

20130109-090101 p.m..jpg

20130109-090105 p.m..jpg

20130109-090109 p.m..jpg

20130109-090113 p.m..jpg
J.W. Anderson created an androgynous Fall/Winter 2013 collection inspired by youth subcultures, featuring pieces that can be borrowed from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man.

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