Alejandro Paredis: New America by Calvin Brockington

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The reasons are very valuable to the photographer Calvin Brockington who recently presented its new session with Latino male model Alexander Paredis. The session is titled New America, and are 2 main reasons on which it bases its title:

America as we know it now is so much more deserve. The cultures use to be easily divided But now Black, Asians and whites are married, the Latin culture is huge and ever expanding, Gays are on mainstream T.V. in prime time-on major networks. And so are African american women. That hasn’t happened since the Cosby Show!! Secondly and for the most obvious reason.. His body art. Major agencies not even 2 years ago would ever consider signing a model with so much ink. Now we have agencies looking for models that have body ink on them. I was actually ask to shoot more guys with tattoos from a publication I submit to. So it’s a new world out there, especially a New America. -Calvin Brockington

His photographs are so honest and open as it is. With this, check once again his beautiful way of capture and work-art.

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  1. willow johnson

    This is so sensual, I love it

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