Supermodel Gui Costa by Tom Hoops

Supermodel Gui Costa ( Victory Talent Management) starring stellar sesion captured by talented photographer Tom Hoops. Wearing peaces from Uniqlo, HUGO BOSS and Salvatore Ferragamo.   http://slimanizing.tumblr.com   gui-costa-tom-hoops-01 gui-costa-tom-hoops-02 gui-costa-tom-hoops-03 gui-costa-tom-hoops-04 gui-costa-tom-hoops-05 gui-costa-tom-hoops-06 gui-costa-tom-hoops-07 gui-costa-tom-hoops-08 gui-costa-tom-hoops-09 gui-costa-tom-hoops-09- gui-costa-tom-hoops-10 gui-costa-tom-hoops-11

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