SUITEBLANCO Spring/Summer 2013

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Like the first rays of sun, SUITEBLANCO gradually introduces us to its Spring/Summer 2013 collection and like a longing for the days of summer, offers us looks suggestive of the rising sun and warm sunsets. The Man Collection label presents a fresh, optimistic collection which introduces jackets, chinos, shorts and printed shirts. Tropical prints are interspersed with stripes and other navy motifs; denim is combined with baseball jackets and other garments typical of the “American vintage style”; and shoes range from casual trainers and the more formal version of the typical espadrilles. Tobías Sorensen and Joan Mirangels are responsible for printing naturalness in a campaign with a certain Latin and romantic flavour.


  1. the dressman or model with the beard is well forward. All clothing fits very well with his appearance.

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