The House of Nines Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

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A precisely engineered silhouette is at the core of The House of Nines Fall/Winter 2013 collection. This is a uniform for The House of Nines army; a rogue movement, who carry the serpent as their symbol. This army, born as an act of rebellion against a regimented process.

Age old traditions and methods have been implemented to craft and engineer the tailoring in the collection. A finely woven canvas and lightweight woollen fusing have been carefully sourced from Italy to define the structure and fit of suiting. Jacket blocks that have taken years to develop, help achieve the desired fit for the modern gentleman.

Signature angled darts that suppress the waist are a stand out feature and mirror industrial architecture. Slim line Trousers that are all bound and finished inside to the highest specification compliment the well cut jackets. Darts, hems and sleeves are fused with a woven wool tape for a long life span and ensure garments to stay sharp. A Floating half chest piece is used for shape and rolling the lapel. Sleeve buttons are functional to display
the how each piece is hand crafted.

In outerwear untreated soft lambs skin, laser cut snake print on calf leather, wool cashmere mixes bring the element of luxury that is dissected with sharp lines, seams and darts. Signature side seams are inserted for comfort, fit and easier access to pockets. Each member of the outerwear division can wrap around shirting and suiting to create a strong layered look.

Every shirt in the collection displays diversity and technicality. Fine Italian cotton, mother of pearl buttons sourced from Australia meet sharp lines and military references to create the ultimate uniform for the modern man. References of various militia from a vast epic timeline have been saluted.

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The palette is pure and muted: Black, charcoal, navy, oxblood, burnt champagne, brown set a rich tone but bathed in a sea of melancholy. Contrast panelling and an injection of skins break a clean flow. In knitwear; heavy cabling and intricate layering offer depth and comfort. The Serpico jumper carries the symbol of the house of nines army, the serpent. Leather shoulder patches and neck collar fasteners complete the look for the menacing
lost leader.



Photography: Duncan Telford
Model: Louis Yearwood at D1
Make-up & Grooming: Fiona Henderson.

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