Kirill Dowidoff For ‘ES Collection’ Swimwear

ES Collection’ brings out its latest swimwear collection in this sexy campaign featuring stunning Russian newcomer, Kirill Dowidoff, photographed by Ruslan Elquest.Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-01 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-02 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-03 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-04 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-05 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-06 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-07 Kirill-Dowidoff-for-ES-Collection-Swimwear-08

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2 comments on “Kirill Dowidoff For ‘ES Collection’ Swimwear

  1. sinclair russell

    OMG How would You like to lick that top to Buttom ?

  2. […] based photographer Ruslan Elquest famous and talented photographer known shot by ES Collection Campaigns among others, connected with Russian adonis Artem Gerasimov who quoted: “I was always very […]

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