The Blake Naked Issue: Jurgen Hartl from Blakemag

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From Blakemag issue special interview with male beauty Jürgen Hartl (representeed by Talent Models). Check it out at :

1/ What’s your position about nudity?

Nudity for me it is a human and natural thing. We are all born naked so it is just natural and not a problem for me to pose naked in front of the camera because I growing up very open regarding nudity.

2/ Do you think it’s natural? For me it is definitely natural.

3/ Are you shy or modest?

To be naked or just wearing underwear in front of the camera it’s not a problem for me. So i can say I feel modest. But all the shoots I do naked are checked by my agency and are just with professional national and international photographers.

4/ Do you feel free when you are nude?

Yes…I always feel free when I am nude! It gives me a good and modest feeling.

5/ As a model, what do you feel when you do nude?

There must be a trust between me and the team I work for the shoot (photographer, assistant, make up, etc…).Then I feel comfortable and I can do a great job.

6/ How was your first nude shooting?

The first nude shooting I did was in New York. It was an interesting experience. But I felt good because I trusted the photographer and in the end we got a great result.

7/ For you what’s the difference between nude and exhibitionism?

Posing nude for a modelling has nothing to do with exhibitionism for me. Exhibitionism is a kind of sexual preference and posing in underwear or nude in front of the camera is a kind of art for me. So it is the hardest job in the modelling business because there is just you who can create an impression at the viewer. You cannot cover things with clothes or accessories. You just have to work with your body, face and especially with your eyes.

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