Cristian Pfingstag by Cristiano Madureira

Cristian0219135 Cristian0219136 Cristian0219137 Cristian0219138 cristian_p_01 cristian_p_02 cristian_p_03 cristian_p_04 cristian_p_05 cristian_p_06

17-year-old newcomer Cristian Pfingstag comes from Santa Clara do Sul and is represented in São Paulo by Elo Management. View more pictures from his first test shoot for Made In Brazil with photographer Cristiano Madureira here. Cristian Psingstag made his debut in São Paulo last year at the fall/winter shows, and is one of the most promising new faces at Elo Management for the upcoming spring/summer shows in Brazil in March. This is his first test shoot for Made In Brazil.

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