Christian L’enfant Roi Fall/Winter 2013 lookbook

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An illusive take on a pensive tribal heritage and Western African folk tales, Christian L’enfant Roi Fall/Winter 2013 is a contemplative assertion of sartorial dimensions.

The tall silhouette is divided by rich prints and brash colour contrasts, alluding to a mesmerizing interplay of textures, details and fabrics. The expressive colour palette, consisting of rust, deep chestnut, orange clay, rigid browns, greys and dark sage, further underlines this exploration of contour and shapes. The collection exudes a certain lust for reflection and powerful expressions. Loosely fitted duffel coats, bespoke shirts, fitted trousers are here contrasted by meticulously pleated banana shape pants, loose leisurewear and utility printing. Christian L’enfant Roi suggests an eclectic take on modern tailoring, allowing men to mix and match passionately and without sullen remorse.


Inspired by the film ‘Kirikou et la Sorcière’ and the earlier safari landscape paintings of dreamlike painter Henri Rousseau, this utilitarian collection defies modern standards and seeks for bespoke silhouettes, exempted from all innocence. The quality handpicked fabrics allow its liberated wearers to interact without compromise, freed from all pivotal restraints, whilst coolly maintaining full utilitarian sartorial control.


Credits: photo / Tristan Clairoux , model / Jake (PREMIER)


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