New Face: João Bento

Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_01 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_02 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_03 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_04 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_05 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_06 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_07 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_08 Ensaio_JoaoBento_phRafaelPavarotti_09

From natural born at Rio de Janeiro, João Bento is 17 years old, 1.81 m tall and represented by RJ CASABLANCA. New male model agency, the new face has caught the attention of fashion professionals to be focused and determined. Among his most recent are the Mossimo brand’s international campaign, plus editorials still unpublished.

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