Introducing: Guilherme Caio by DIDIO

Guilherme CaioDSC_5888_871x1300 Guilherme CaioDSC_5890b_871x1300 Guilherme CaioDSC_5928_871x1300 Guilherme CaioDSC_5968_1300x871 Guilherme CaioDSC_6045_853x1300 Guilherme CaioDSC_6057_871x1300 Guilherme CaioDSC_6061b_981x1301 Guilherme CaioIMG_4029_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4031b_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4061b_985x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4079_861x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4112bc_1300x867 Guilherme CaioIMG_4117_859x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4129b_893x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4131_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4144b_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4175_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4189b_849x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4218_867x1300 Guilherme CaioIMG_4236_867x1300

From Brazilian Photographer Didio, we see and know that Didio has an excellent clever eye for choosing the best and hot Brazilian models, and now he introduces Guilherme Caio a young Brazilian stud from Garibaldi, Brazil. Didio comments:

Go to Rome and not seeing the Pope is the same as going to Rio de Janeiro and not shoot … Despite being on the agenda all canceled because of heavy rain before I got back to Sao Paulo I shot Guilherme Caio … gaucho, from small city called Garibaldi, he is studying theater in Rio .. Guilherme is 19yo, 1.88m, beautiful, very sexy and sweet …- DIDIO
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