KNOCKOUT! X Christopher Logan X WestEast

WE-Logan--01 WE-Logan--02 WE-Logan--03 WE-Logan--04 WE-Logan--05 WE-Logan--06 WE-Logan--07 WE-Logan--08 WE-Logan--09 WE-Logan--10 WE-Logan--11 WE-Logan--12

Anthony Gallo, Chris JacksonManuel Ramos and Ryan Bertroche star in the boxing-themed story ‘KNOCKOUT!’ for the latest issue of WestEast magazine, photographed by Christopher Logan with fashion direction by Derek Warburton and grooming by Colby Smith.Photo & Production Lead: Cody Gipson | Styling Assistants: Adtresa Edmundson & Armani Russell | Design and Digital: Jonathan Luciano | Shot on location at: Warriors Of Wrestling, Staten Island New York

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