W.A.S.P. By Daniel Rodrigues

Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-1 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-2 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-3 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-4 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-5 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-6 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-7 Prada-Daniel-Rodrigues-Demetrio-Baffa-8

From Italian fashion Photographer Daniel Rodrigues and styling by Demetrio Baffa and model Martin Conte @ Urban Management. Take a look of this fashionably portrait.

Photo: Daniel Rodrigues www.danielrodrigues.it
Styling: Demetrio Baffa Trasci Amalfitani
Grooming: Melissa Marcello
Model: Martin Conte @URBAN Management

Photo assistant: Carlo Vercellone
Fashion collaborator: Jose Rius Marchant
Special thanks: Andrea Sampaoli, Paolo Klun

Total look PRADA UOMO collezione f/w 2013-14


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