David Karamanis by Rudi Yap

David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-01 David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-02 David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-03 David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-04 David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-05 David-Karamanis-by-Photographer-Rudi-Yap-06

The muscular Aussie hunk, (and favorite male model ’cause he looks so yummy) David Karamanis, (@ Crew Models International) builds up his portfolio with a splendid session by photographer Rudi Yap.

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