Dominik Bauer by Jeff Hahn for Rollacoaster

Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-00 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-01 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-02 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-03 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-04 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-05 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-06 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-07 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-08 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-09 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-10 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-11 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-12 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-13 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-14 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-15 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-16 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-17 Rollacoaster--JeffHahn-18

Top German model Dominik Bauer is photographed by Jeff Hahn and styled by Andrew Davis for the Spring/Summer 2013 cover story of Rollacoaster magazine.
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