D.Hedral Underwear Casting call: Thiago Bergamasco by DIDIO

Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5625_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5629_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5631_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5633_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5645b_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5646_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5662_816x1301 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5671_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5692b_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5709_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5760_1300x913 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5763_1300x892 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5789_1300x928 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5792_1300x892 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5793_1300x894 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5802_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5815_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5822_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5843_871x1300 Thiago BergarmascoDSC_5863_871x1300

From talented Brazilian Photographer Didio capable to capture the most top fashion male models from Brazil and discovering new beautiful faces, introducing new face beauty Thiago Bergamasco, wearing DHedral underwear line.

Julian Gregory, from D.Hedral underwear and editor of FTape.com sent me some underwear to use in my shoots… I began to invite some new faces male models to test shooting to try finding someone special and wear D.Hedral underwear… I introduce Thiago Bergarmasco, psychology student, 20yo, 1.87m, gorgeous body, natural and very gentle masculinity…Thiago does not have agency yet…DIDIO

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