Ryan Vorster by Karl Van Heerden

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Introducing Fitness male model Ryan Vorster photography by Karl Van Heerden. Managed by Caleb Galaraga. Thanks to Caleb to introduce to Fashionably Male this beautiful lad.

South African born Ryan Vorster started training at the age of 16, but as life would have it, there was not always time for training, and a couple of years were spent working on his career as a MIS analyst for a large financial institution, thus, his life passion and determination for fitness never faded.

The past 6 years he has fully dedicated himself to training hard, sacrificing the social scene to be ready for training Saturdays and get up at 6 every Sunday morning to do his leg workout.

Fitness has always been a passion, and keeping active has been a key driver. As a young teenager, Ryan was a bit of a outcast growing up, as he never conformed to follow the conventional school sporting scene, but rather one of dance. He was a Latin American and Freestyle dancing champion, and represented South Africa in some major competitions in the United Kingdom and Finland. After a 12 year dedication to his dancing, Ryan decided to pursue the world of fitness, and has never looked back.

His 6 day a week training routine is much different from the conventional 12 to 15 reps, 3 sets with maximum weight. “I focus more on training the muscle for endurance and size, thus following a training regiment of 20 reps, 4 sets with medium to low weights, most of the time supper setting two to three exercises. This allows me to push weight for size and sweat for endurance/cardio, as with training with heavier weights, one is prone to injury, and that’s a big no go.”

His diet is not the usual either, and doesn’t consist of eggs, chicken and protein shakes, due to his training, and he pretty much eats what he wants due to his training and fast metabolism.


His ultimate goal is to be a Men’s Health cover guy, or to feature in a fitness magazine.

His long term goal is to compete in South Africa’s very own major fitness competition called “Body Beautiful.”

“Fitness is a life decision, and I have never looked back, it has been there during the lows and the highs, and it is the one thing in life that has kept me positive, always”

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