Anton Agat by Artem Subbotin

20130511-101444 p.m..jpg

20130511-101449 p.m..jpg

20130511-101454 p.m..jpg

20130511-101458 p.m..jpg

20130511-101503 p.m..jpg

20130511-101507 p.m..jpg

20130511-101517 p.m..jpg

20130511-101513 p.m..jpg

20130511-101521 p.m..jpg

20130511-101527 p.m..jpg

20130511-101534 p.m..jpg

20130511-101539 p.m..jpg

20130511-101549 p.m..jpg

20130511-101544 p.m..jpg

20130511-101554 p.m..jpg

I’m so into Russian fitness male modes now. This time I have the honor to introduce you this sexy, polite and athlete also former bodybuilder Anton Agat. We are loving the photos from his recent shoot with the amazing Artem Subbotin, whose gorgeous work has been featured at Stunning Men several, and we hope to be able to share more with you in the near future.

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  1. I posted him recently too on my Tumblr page. Absolutely stunning and Hot!!

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