Ori Avrahami for F/O/D Magazine

Stellar beach locations in Tel Aviv serves as an impeccable backdrop to F/O/D Magazine’s pride edition featuring sexy Israeli fitness model/trainer Ori Avrahami.Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-01 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-02 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-03 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-04 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-05 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-06 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-07 Ori-Avrahami-in-FOD-Magazine-Pride-Edition-08

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  1. Any idea what brand the swim briefs are?

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