Glauco Moraes by Photographer Didio

Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-01 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-02 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-03 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-04 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-05 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-06 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-07 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-08 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-09 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-10 Glauco-Moraes-by-Photographer-Didio-11

Masterful photographer Didio introduces us to another Brazilian god — tall, dark, and handsome martial arts fighter, Glauco Moraes. A multi-talented young man, he also does theater, sings and writes his own songs.

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  1. excellent model

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