A Fetich for Sportswear

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Fashion for Men’s latest issue features a story, lensed by Milan Vukmirovic, focused on sportswear, but conceived in an unexpected way. This time, this specific kind of style is intended as a real fetish for active guys, and not as a simple way of dressing for the usual gym session. Serving both as photographer and stylist, with the help of regular contributor Scarlett Viquel, Vukmirovic sets his sights on models Simon Van MeervenneSacha Legrand (Major Paris) and Arran Sly (Models 1), capturing them in a spare setting, where cement walls and rusted scaffoldings surround the models’ dynamic poses. Clad in luxurious numbers, like Givenchy’s striped jumpers, the boys also display a selection of performing sneakers, like the one designed by Adidas and New Balance, that support them during their intense workout sessions. / Styling assistance by Natalia Sultanova. Hair by Massimo Gamba (Atomo Management).

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