MAKIN JAN MA Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

SS13_GUTS_007 SS13_JODY_031 SS13_JODY_046 SS13_JODY_068 SS13_JODY_071

I’m always in search of original clothing brands, high quality and unique. Makin Jan Ma is a London based independent fashion label based on a film project run by Makin Ma. I introduce you their new Spring/Summer 2013 Collection with 2 unique ways:

– GUTS OLO, the representative of innovative and creative.
This season Guts is cultivating a vision of ups and downs, ‘ MANY MOUNTAINS IN MY HEAD ‘ , running across mountains over mountains of emotional upheavals. Standing on top of one mountain hoping to be seen and understood by the special someone hidden in between all of the mountains in front of him. Keep on hoping and sincerely waiting. The night falls and the sun raises. Guts is keep on looking.
– JODY SKY, the sensitive of a natural traveller.
Jody is on the road hunting for a new home to land. With a mixture of excitement and unknown, he throws his life forward blindfolded. In this SS13 JODY SKY collection, it set out to be a perfect on the road wardrobe. A full collection of pure cotton combinations, a mixture of different fabrics and colours, all details are carefully placed, every turns of each garment shows a different texture. Jody’s life is wrapped in a OCD kind of arrangement, yet chaotic but in high order. Also a full of T-shirts and vest with passionate expression and statements. Such as “WE CREATE GOD”, “PORN PIN UP”, “HAND STRIPES”…

Makin Jan Ma was selected by TOPSHOP as emerging designers, and currently stock in London, Tokyo, New York, Seoul, Hong Kong, please see below clippings for you ref:

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