BATALHA | Luís Batalha by Heike Himmel

Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-01 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-02 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-03 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-04 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-05 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-06 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-07 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-08 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-09 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-10 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-11 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-12 Batalha-Himmel--Umbigo-13

Portuguese model Luís Batalha at Karacter is photographed by Heike Himmel and styled by Inês Maximino in the story ‘BATALHA’ for Umbigo magazine, with hair & makeup by Elodie Fiuza and video by Telmo Rodrigues.

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