Introducing Actor/Model Zebedee Row @ MINT MGMT NYC

ZebedeeRowEightByElevenPortraitPhotography: David Croland

ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeWhiteDinnerJktRedTieFllLngth ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeWhiteDinnerJktRedTieCombBack ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeShavingInMirror

Photography by Didem CivginogluZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeRedNWhiteSkiSwtr ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeRedJktRaisedRghthnd ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeRedJktNTieNGuitarCase ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeRedJktMirrorImage

Photography by Didem CivginogluZebedeeRowJohnnySuedePeekABooWayfarersZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeMustardJktNTieWGuitar ZebedeeRowJohnnySuedeBlueRuffleTuxShirt

The ” Johnny Suede Rock ‘A Boy “ images / Photographer: Beril Gulcan

Introducing Actor/model Zebedee Row represented now by MINT Management NYC. With a great charisma, versatility and beautiful blue eyes, we definitely have to be targeted on him.

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