Sean O’Pry Poses for Elle Man Mexico’s Cover Story

sean_elle_man000 sean_elle_man001 sean_elle_man002 sean_elle_man003 sean_elle_man004 sean_elle_man006 sean_elle_man007 sean_elle_man008 sean_elle_man009 sean_elle_man010

There’s no doubt that when it comes to standing out in front of the camera, leading model Sean O’Pry is the perfect choice, as displayed by this story, lensed once more by Pablo Arroyo, that accompanies Sean’s cover for the latest issue of Elle Man Mexico. Updating the concept of fashionable minimalism, Sean is styled by Emil Rebek in a wardrobe that blends classic colors in menswear, defining a simple, but always appealing sense of style, with an interesting alternation of textures, fabrics and inspiration. From rebellious biker jackets to impeccable white suits, including casual denim pieces, Sean lends his charming figure to a series of stunning studio images. / Hair by Loris Rocchi.

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