SPECIAL #july4: DW Chase’s: Illuminating Alaskan Midnight

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Exclusive for Fashionably Male

This isn’t the first time male model DW Chase has turned the camera on himself (see his previous barn yard work in North Carolina). Another unusual setting, and another no-show photographer prompted the adventurous 29-year-old to quickly combine local Alaskan elements and post card like scenery for a vintage inspired photoshoot. Fur is a big seller in Alaska for obvious reasons. So when he spotted a rabbit fur jock strap in Anchorage, fit for an eskimo, DW Chase incorporated that into his quick river bank photoshoot with frigid snow capped mountain ranges behind him. In the summer, due to it’s location, Alaska doesn’t get dark; the locals call this the midnight sun. This provided DW Chase an excellent chance to get in touch with nature with plenty of light left in the Northern sky while everyone else slept. Known more for his underwear and swimwear modeling in exotic locations like The Cayman’s, Hawaii or the coast of Japan, Alaska’s unpredictable weather provided a challenge for the self made model who has never used an agency or agent to spread his exhaustive work all over the web. Here we see another example of an artist going the extra mile to create something artistically unique and expressive. dwchase.tumblr.com

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  1. DW had a dick in need of a good set of lips attached, and I wish I was the one.

  2. The amount of photoshopping is RIDICULOUS. He has a great body. There was no need to turn it into a cartoon.

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  4. […] If you are a member of my fan club, you already know this, but I just got back from Alaska, where a photographer I was supposed to work with, didn’t show up. So I did my own photoshoot near Anchorage, and had quite an interesting member chat session in an Anchorage hotel (haha) . Here are some of the vintage post card looking images that were published on Fashionably Male for the July 4th special. See the entire series here…. http://fashionablymale.net/2013/07/04/special-july4-dw-chases-illuminating-alaskan-midnight/ […]

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