International Photographer Ramsey Spencer based in Tel-Aviv, worked for several agencies, fashion editorial and magazines. His work is available in http://www.Expertotv.com/, and we have the fortune to talk a little words with him, to get to know him better, and to appreciate who’s really Ramsey Spencer.
Fashionably Male: Thanks Ramsey for sharing this outrageous self-portrait with us, where we can appreciate your killer and sexy body. In Fashionably Male you know we love to find who’s behind the lens, so this time, we’d like to know you better, how do you started being a photographer?
Ramsey Spencer: Actually I’m Computer Engineer , I just flipped over night to photography .. I didnt have any passion or hobby for it , Some photographer told me out of the blue if I can assist him and I did for few days , Loved the View finder of the camera and I said this is my world. and 17 years later in photographer .. here I am 🙂


FM: How was your experience in your first session?

RS: I nailed it in a way back in the days .. first time didn’t know what the hell is over exposed or under … all I cared about is my frame and how to crop it from the view finder and It came out great , then I said to my self : “I will do self tough and take it to extreme”.


FM: The worst experience in being a photographer is…?

RS: I don’t want to sound perfect but I never had one, I’m  always streak about my work, with my models, crew and so on … but .. but the worse of all is Weddings.

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FM: How do you react when a male model doesn’t work for you in photoshoot?

RS: I’m always proud of my work thats what got me far in the game. I always do casting before I even know his name and then I give him a date for shooting , all the agencies know how I work,  coffee and look at his book and then I decide if I want to shoot him, Money is not important for me as its if its a bad marriage and there is no click between me and the model ….Photoshoot = Disaster .


FM: Have you consider doing nude artistic shoots? behind and in front of lens. lol

RS:  I do nude for sure, but from what I see , alot of people don’t know that not everyone suits him nude even if you have perfect body . I do it with very selective model cause I see it in them in away. And I never do or done nude as porn, it has to be fashion seance – can fit in his portfolio or magazine . I don’t do everything exposed as it become boring and its easier to buy a playboy magazine in this case 😉

Image00006 Image00007

FM: Please tell us, What are your goals for this year?

RS: Goals are hard to say or explain cause in Photography you never know whats next, but thinking to have my own book and shoot with next new Hasselblad camera 😉


FM: To all people who wants to become a photographer, what would you like to say to all those amateurs who really trying to become in a famous photographer?
RS: To all real amateurs wanna become a professionals: before buying a great gear or worse of the worst, if you don’t have taste or style in this department, lose it and go study or learn something else, but if you really see your self as photographer on the long run, get a good gear that you will be familiar with in the long run, study your camera well, know your weakness and then start shooting whoever, till you see your self out there somehow, so in the future on you can prove  to others you can take the job on your own, spending alot of time with your camera and self study and self experience well get you far .


FM: Thank you so much Ramsey for sharing this self-portrait, any kind words for our readers and viewers?

 RS: I’m a photographer – fashion and life style –  I don’t hate others but I would love to say whoever is really into photography as ART or business just please do it well 😉 and I really enjoy my photography life from day to another and never get sick it it. I met amazing magazines owners, high profile people and models in my life, shooting and making business with, and I hope others well do at some point . travelling is fun all the time in this industry, taking my self portrait was just to see how far can I go without someone pressing the shutter button for me, it took me few hours to get what I got from this session, I enjoyed it and I wish my self was a great model instead but my worlds is always open for the right person to fill  my frame right 🙂 

Special Thanks to you Chris – Fashionably Male for publishing my work and also interviewing me and sharing my experience with you and others. You will always hear from you.
Photography – Ramsey Spencer http://www.Expertotv.com/

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