Andy Walters by Giampaolo Sgura for El País

xelp001.jpg,qresize=580,P2C735.pagespeed.ic.xZT3lEqqbr xelp002.jpg,qresize=580,P2C370.pagespeed.ic.8MKFTe_79F xelp003.jpg,qresize=580,P2C746.pagespeed.ic.ExZ0hqCCvz xelp004.jpg,qresize=580,P2C760.pagespeed.ic.nWvauPKPrj xelp005.jpg,qresize=580,P2C747.pagespeed.ic.wcsriYsbgI xelp006.jpg,qresize=580,P2C739.pagespeed.ic.kVRk-0Nut- xelp007.jpg,qresize=580,P2C751.pagespeed.ic.v0JY6Ftm8pOnce again, photographer Giampaolo Sgura and fashion editorMiguel Arnau join creative forces to realize a stunning editorial, featured in Spanish magazine El País. Inspired by the always appealing figure of the charming rebel à la Marlon Brando, mixed with the seasonal trend of fashionable nautical stripes, Sgura captures model Andy Walters (WhyNot) in leather jackets, jeans, striped numbers, basic white tees and traditional sailor black caps, providing images pervaded by a strong cinematic allure. / Hair by Andrew Guida (CloseUp Milano). Makeup by Laura Stucchi (CloseUp Milano).

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  1. Wow. He’s a super cutie. Yumm. He makes me think of all kinds of erotic ideas.

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