Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2014

Krizia Robustella presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection during 080 Barcelona Fashion. Entitled “Bananas is my Business” is inspired by the eccentric and colorful Carmen Miranda.

I wonder why does everybody look at me and then begin to talk about a Christmas tree? I hope that means that everyone is glad to see the lady in the tutti-frutti hat. The gentlemen, they want to make me say, “Si, si,” But I don’t tell them that, I tell them, “Yes, sir-ee!” and maybe that is why they come for dates to me, the lady in the tutti-frutti hat. Some people say I dress too gay, but every day, I feel so gay; and when I’m gay, I dress that way, is something wrong with that? Americanos tell me that my hat is high, because I will not take it off to kiss a guy; but if I ever start to take it off, ay, ay! I do that once for Johnny Smith and he is very happy with the lady in the tutti-frutti hat!”

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