Marcuse Summer 2013

The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-01 The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-02 The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-03 The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-04 The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-05The-Pletts-Twins-for-Marcuse-Summer-2013-06

Marcuse is an outrageous, original and a very cool Mens Swimwear & Underwear based in Australia. Marcuse had launched the Summer 2013 range where we can appreciate clean designs, speedos with metal appliques and colorful pieces perfect to wear it for this Spring/Summer 2013. Wait for my review to his Underwear line. You definitely must go to visit and shop to:


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  1. Hot in a strange way..hmm..

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    Brotherly Love? Are Photographer’s Pushing boundaries we shouldn’t cross? Or narcissism sells? I’m not sure it Sells but, It sure catches my attention . Taboo?

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