Dancing With The Devil’s Colors

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Parker Hurley by Gabriel Gastelum presents:

Dancing With The Devil’s Colors
Here we go.

Another paint shoot. This one, for lack of a better word is, stunning.

The thing about my paint shoots is that they lack no real direction. I let the person take in the direction they want to go. Everyone has different eyes, ideas and visions. [I’ve worked with Parker before]. I had him in superhero undies, jumping around playing video games and reading comic books. If you saw that shoot, you would see that his apartment is filled with incredible artwork. HIS artwork actually. So I was really excited to see where he would take this paint shoot. The artist in him was excited.

I loved where he took it.
His last shoot was so lighthearted and fun and this shoot went in a… different direction. You look at the final images and you can see how having your own big canvas can bring out so many emotions in someone.

As I said,

Stunning. Even the music fits it well.

I can’t wait to explore paint series with more and more people. It’s going to be great.

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  1. Excelente…….bravissimo …….sugestivo …….an energetic shout ….pro art photography and Man.

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