Christian L’Enfant Roi Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

At the turn of the 20th century, carnivals, traveling tinkers and social outcasts, all were united inside wandering circuses and wondrous sideshows. Locked in their specific universe, they all had a common urge to express their differences, be it through clownesque performances, tarot card readings or oblivious carnies shooting through rings of fire. A world of amazement, majestic puzzles and unbelievable stories, where L’enfant Roi is now casually introduced as a side-act. Therefore, the Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Christian L’enfant Roi is a continued exploration of meaningful parallel universes.

Suggested here is the sartorial refinement of bespoke loungewear for visually aware male dressers. The overall boxy silhouette is balanced by sharply tailored garments, allowing for a graphic yet functional overall look. A hint of metallics, velour and smoothly altered fabrics add a understated whimsical touch to the collection.

The color palette ranges from burned tobacco, to dusty orange, hints of yellow maize, antique patina and hues of robin egg blue. The quality selection of linens, sheer cottons and lush silks, at times washed and transformed, indicating a love for the rusty decay surrounding eclectic carnivalesque paraphernalia. Such smooth transitions make CHRISTIAN L’ENFANT ROI SS14 highly wearable, maintaining its directional approach, without compromising on functionality. Completing the stern silhouette is a specially crafted hat, together with Anderson and Berner.




photos – Tristan CLairoux
art direction – Melissa Matos
models – Jack, Chuck, Callum (PREMIER)

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