Twins Nicholas and Campbell Pletts for Marcuse

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Twins Nicholas and Campbell Pletts for Marcuse

Australian label ‘Marcuse’ launches a new under – Ultra and 2 new swimwears – ‘Xtreme’ and ‘Summer’ featuring gorgeous South African twins Nicholas and Campbell Pletts.

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  1. CUTIE ALERT!!!!!! I’d love a gander at what is inside of their underwear.

  2. […] from Australia thanked me the other day when I posted his S/S 2103 Campaign, where you can watch in here, so they sent to me bonus images and also new behind the scene videos in all about recently Summer […]

  3. […] They always gonna be in the memory of everybody who enjoy the Marcuse 2013 Campaign; Nic and Campbell Pletts –another hot twins– dazzling all over the internet with […]

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