Edilson Nascimento for Elian Gallardo Underwear -preview

Edilson Nascimento by Elian Gallardo Underwear

Preview Video of Elian Gallardo Underwear making of Campaign:

Elian Gallardo Recongnized Agent from Brazil launches line of men’s underwear and invites to star in the campaign with Edilson Nasimento, who was discovered by the agent at age 16 and released by the same internationally. Edilson Nascimento stopped modeling in 2010 to turn and Dad take care of the family, in the last three years he studied physical education and theater, now came only at the invitation of the agent’s campaign starring the first underwear line after its discoverer.
A preview is now here in FashionablyMale Net with Edilson Nasimento for Elian Gallardo Underwear

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  1. Yummy! He’s a big Man now.. yay..

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    My babes all grown up…

  3. […] Edilson Nascimento is back. The model recently a years back ago had been devoted to family and acting classes and Physical Education, he’s been rescued his career at the hands of the agent who discovered him. Edilson was last month in Sao Paulo photographing the launch campaign for the underwear line that carries the signature of Elian Gallardo and includes the creation of Stephen Goes. […]

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