Alan Zepeda Resort 2014 lookbook

Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_1 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_2 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_3 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_4 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_5 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_6 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_7 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_8 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_9 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_10 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_11 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_12 Alan-Zepeda_resort2014_13

Mixing the aesthetic codes that characterize the brand, such as tie-dye and cotton, Alan Zepeda‘s Resort 2014 is a mixture of these concepts; each piece features hand-dyed craft that gives added value to it, creating a mix of prints (animal print, flowers and tie-dye). A fresh and purposeful proposition for the current contemporary man.

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