Confessions of a Male Model: Adrian Cardoso Issue

Adrian-Confessions--01-Torian Adrian-Confessions--02 Adrian-Confessions--03-Idris Adrian-Confessions--04-Idris Adrian-Confessions--05-Idris Adrian-Confessions--06-JosephGray Adrian-Confessions--07-Samuel Adrian-Confessions--08-Samuel Adrian-Confessions--09-Torian Adrian-Confessions--10-Toria

Wilhelmina model Adrian Cardoso is the star of the new issue of Confessions of a Male Model, a special Yearbook fanzine completely dedicated to one model. Sporting briefs by Ruffskin, Adrian is shot by Torian Lewin for the cover. The 56 pages issue showcases a more candid and relaxed side to the model who was born in Cancun, Mexico of Spanish heritage, captured by photographers Samuel Zakuto, Torian Lewin, Idris & Tony and Joseph Gray. Enjoy a preview of the issue below.

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