Alexander Ludwig for ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’

Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-01 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-02 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-03 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-04 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-05 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-06 Alexander-Ludwig-for-Abercrombie-Fitch-campaign-2013-07

‘The Hunger Games’ stud Alexander Ludwig leaves us hungering for more in these new sexy black and white shots from his ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’ campaign.

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  1. He is definitely handsome. Wish I could help him escape from those beautiful but cumbersome jeans and briefs and then we’d get down to business.

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