Cody Johnson by Photographer Jared Bautista

Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-01 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-02 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-03 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-04 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-05 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-06 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-07 Cody-Johnson-by-Photographer-Jared-Bautista-08

Introducing handsome fresh face, Cody Johnson, at ‘Envy Model Management’ in this striking black and white portrait series by photographer Jared Bautista.

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  1. Koskalaka Maricón

    Cody Johnson: In my opinion, “handsome fresh face” is a gross understatement. In these photos, he’s the epitome of yummy, desirable masculinity. I’m just sayin!…

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