#sexy Miguel Ortiz by Joan Crisol

miguel2 miguel3 miguel4 miguel5 miguel7 miguel10 miguel11

Photographer Joan Crisol. Born in 1974 Crisol received his degree in photography from the Institut D’ Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya or Photography School of Catalonia.

Soon after graduation, Crisol began his career as a professional photographer. His work has been featured in various publications in Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, and Spain.

In addition to his still photography, Crisol has also served as the Director of Photography for more than 50 music videos.

Crisol currently resides in Madrid, Spain and is in charge of the Global image of underwear and swimwear for the brand, Es Collection. The photographs in this post show Crisol’s work. The model featured is 20-year-old Miguel Ortiz.

For more details and work of Crisol, visit his Website. We would like to thank Craig Scott for great article, you can check out more articles by him Here

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