EXCLUSIVE: #actor Joann Mattesco by Fábio Pamplona Photography

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Striking Brazilian Actor and model Joann Mattesco, based in Ipanema, Rio de Jainero, is posing for an outstanding portrait series by photographer Fábio Pamplona Photography.


Photography: Fábio Pamplona (www.fabiopamplona.com) or (www.facebook.com/estudiofabiopamplona)

Production: Tracy Rato
Make and Hair: Alexandre Glória
Location: Estudio Fábio Pamplona e Praça Paris, Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. Ahh, He’s so adorable and all those muscles.. Adorable and Muscles usually don’t mix, Talk about a cutie pie. The photographer did a great job, got me to take a second look. Then Again Chris, Brazilian in the Tags helped a little too. Belo!

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    What a baby doll!!!

  3. I LOVE Joann Mattesco!! Perfect!! Wonderful!! <3

  4. My loveeeee!!!!!

  5. I love Joann Mattesco!! Talent under the skin!!

  6. Great pics. Amazing body! Congratulations!

  7. lucianomartinnezz

    Deus grego!!!!

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